How I learned English (by Ramiz Altynbaev)
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How I learned English (by Ramiz Altynbaev)

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Для всех тех, кто думает, что учить английский – это долго, публикуем рассказ нашего студента Рамиза Алтынбаева, который за 1 год прошел путь от Beginner до Upper-Intermediate (орфография и пунктуация авторские):

Nobody likes this word, but everybody knows why it exists. It causes conflicts, fights, failures, anger. People avoid talking to each other, people do not want to see each other anymore; people finally hate each other.


`Twas raining on the main street to the center of my hometown when I was carrying those thoughts. Something happened to me recently, and there was nothing like fresh air. After a deep breath, I continued on my way when suddenly bright sunshine appeared in the sky. It was shining on a billboard banner: “Let the world hear you”.

I started from the second level. The beginning is always difficult, especially when it comes to learning a language, or even more a second language. Kids learn how to speak intuitively, whereas adults have to fast track their communication skills to reach the goals as soon as possible. There are many certain techniques that EF has been using for many years to help language learners, and there was no doubt in my choice to start my first lesson there.

The first conversation with a native speaker about my doings was finished in two words after we started, but the teacher did everything to make me feel confident in my first expressions that I had known from my school years. I remember that, we talked about vegetables and fruits. Then it was time for the other two lessons, where we used learned material such as new words or grammar, and finally I practiced building sentences on my own and telling them to my partner. After all, I realized that I was on the right way. That was something filling a gap in my life and I started to make progress.


`Twas a bird sound. The sound was beautiful. However, I could not understand what the bird was thinking about.

The importance of correct pronunciation cannot be ignored.
In any language, some words may sound very familiar to each other: this is why the teachers in EF always stress that and carefully pay attention to special developed exercises for this importance.

Being familiar with computer languages, I like new technology. What is great about the ILab in EF, which is a program for online studies, is that there is a great opportunity to practice your speaking skills. A special section called “Listen and record” allows you to listen to an audio and then try to record that, incorrectly pronounced words will be displayed in a second. ILab includes plenty of videos sorted by difficulty in conversations in each level and unit. In reading sections, there are articles, which topics depend on the theme of each unit. For the best reading experience, the teachers remind us of different techniques: scanning, skimming, and detailed reading. Overall, the ILab covers all needs and can be used as a main source to study. Proved.