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Сказка на Хэллоуин

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Вы знали, что чтение сказок оказывает огромное влияние на развитие детского воображения, мышления, внимания и усидчивости? А сказки на английском помогут вашему ребенку с ранних лет погрузиться в языковую среду и с удовольствием изучать второй язык, а в будущем помогут сдать кембриджский экзамен для детей.

Once upon a time, people and vampires lived together on an island very far from here. In the day, people went to work, and at night, vampires went out and looked for food. All of the moms and dads on the island told their children not to go outside at night. They thought vampires were scary, but none of the people had ever seen a real vampire.

One sunny day, at lunch time, a little boy met a vampire who was hiding in the corner of the room! The vampire had a blue face and long fangs. The boy was shocked!

“Don’t be scared!” the vampire said. “I’m a vegetarian vampire. I only eat fruit and vegetables!”

“Oh! Good! It’s nice to meet you,” the boy said.

“I’m starving because my vegetables need some water, but I’ll disappear if I go into the sun,” the vampire said. “Can you help me?”

“Of course,” the boy said. He took a bottle and helped the vampire to water the carrots, the cucumbers, and the lettuce. Suddenly, all of the vegetables looked better. The vampire quickly ate the vegetables.

After vampire ate his green vegetables, his face was green, not blue! Now, he was full and happy.

“Thanks for helping me” the vampire said, “To say ‘thank you’, do you want to play with me tonight?”

“Yes!” said the boy excitedly, because he was very curious about the dark night.

After that the vampire took the boy to explore the island every night, and the boy and the vampire were best friends.

Новые слова:

vampire / ‘væmpaɪə(r)/ вампир

fang: / fæŋ/ клык

vegetarian / vedʒə’teəriən / вегетарианец

starving / ‘stɑː(r)vɪŋ/ голодающий

disappear:/dɪsəˈpɪə(r)/ пропадать

explore/ ɪk’splɔː(r)/ исследовать

Новые фразы:

Curious about: Быть любопытным

Новые предложения:

“They thought vampires were scary, but none of the people had ever seen a real vampire.”

Они думали, что вампиры страшны, но никто из людей никогда не видел настоящего вампира.