Сказки на ночь: Храбрая Эмили
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Сказки на ночь: Храбрая Эмили

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Вы знали, что чтение сказок оказывает огромное влияние на развитие детского воображения, мышления, внимания и усидчивости? А сказки на английском помогут вашему ребенку с ранних лет погрузиться в языковую среду и с удовольствием изучать второй язык.


The girl is tucked in, safe and warm, in her bed. She falls asleep and starts to dream of weird land where no one has a name.

“At least I have a name!” she thinks, “My name is…” but she can’t remember!

The girl has a name! She just needs to find it again. And so she starts a journey to find her name.

The ground starts to shake. The girl sees a giant volcano. Eager animals run towards the volcano.

“Why are you running towards the volcano? You should run away!” the girl says.

The volcano explodes, and out comes an eruption of treats! Everyone cheers.

Clunk! The letter ‘E’ lands at the girl’s feet. “This must be part of my name!” the girl says.

She takes the ‘E’ from the eruption and continues on her way.

The girl is underwater. She sees a woman. Or is it a fish? It’s a mermaid!

“I’m looking for my name,” the girl says. “Have you seen it?”

“You can look in our cave of treasures,” the mermaid says. “But you must only take one item.”

They go to the cave. It’s full of mysterious objects. The girl looks up and down and all around. She sees the letter ‘M’.

“Good choice!” the mermaid says.

The girl thanks the mermaid for the ‘M’ and continues on her way.

The girl finds herself on a beautiful island. She meets a lizard who says, “Welcome to Imagination Island. Here you can imagine anything, and it will be yours!”

“What an interesting place,” the girl says. She looks around, and she sees tall palm trees. “I know what I want!” the girl says. “I’m imagining something tall and straight like those palm trees.”

The letter ‘I’ appears. “This is perfect!” the girl says.

The girl thanks the lizard for the ‘I’ and continues on her way.

The girl is in a jungle and sees a lemur. “What are you doing?” the lemur asks.

“I’m looking for my name,” the girl says.

The girl and the lemur look all over the jungle. They see something hanging from a tree. “Let’s pull it down,” the lemur says. “One…two…three! Pull!”

It’s the letter ‘L’! “Yay!” the lemur says. “And thanks for making me less lonely.”

The girl thanks the lemur for the ‘L’ and continues on her way.

The girl is walking in a jungle; she sees a young sloth on the ground. The sloth yawns and says, “Hello. I’m so sleepy.”

“You shouldn’t sleep on the ground!” the girl says. “Let’s find your home.” They go from tree to tree until they see a family of sloths.

“My baby!” the sloth’s mother says. “You run away so fast!” She turns to the girl and says, “Thanks for bringing him back. Take this ‘Y’!”

The girl thanks the sloth for the ‘Y’ and continues on her way.

“I know my name,” the girl now has letters in her hands from different friends on her way. Her journey comes to an end. She puts the letters together and sees a name.

She wakes up with a big smile. “What a wonderful dream I had.”

Новые слова:

eager / ‘iːɡə(r)/ жаждущий, стремящийся

explode / ɪk’spləʊd / взрывать

eruption / ɪ’rʌpʃ(ə)n / извержение

mermaid / ‘mɜː(r).meɪd / русалка

mysterious / miˈstɪərrɪərs / таинственный

island / ‘aɪlənd/ остров

imagination / ɪ.mædʒɪ’neɪʃ(ə)n / воображение

interesting / ‘ɪntrəstɪŋ / интересный

lemur / ‘li:mə(r)/ лемур

lonely / ‘ləʊnli / одинокий

young / jʌŋ / молодой

yawn / jɔːn / зевать

Новые фразы:

full of:полон (чего-то)

look for :ожидать

Новые предложения:

“Welcome to Imagination Here you can imagine anything, and it will be yours!”

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Q: What’s the name of the girl?

Как зовут эту девочку?